This original wooden house in the Java style is located directly in the heart of North Bali's rice fields at the foot of an impressive mountain landscape. It consists of a large Living space (such as. 20 sqm) with cozy wood bed, small chest of drawers and a table and a small Terrace. There is also a open bathroom direct access to the hut with a small "waterfall" as a shower with good (but not hot) Water from a nearby spring. Also available in the bathroom with a large mirror Basin of natural stone and a simple European toilet with water tub to rinse. A lovingly landscaped with exotic plants outside area bounding the small plot, a cozy wood furniture invites you to relax here.

The wooden house is located in a mountain valley called dusu Cengane, Ort Sambangan, such as. 10 miles away from the old capital Singaraja and Lovina the tourist. The cottage offers no luxuries such as electricity or hot running water! BUT there is a place for nature lovers and explorers, with stunning views over the valley with its rice fields to the ocean on the horizon in an absolutely gorgeous natural, evening with lighting the lights of Singaraja.

According to the season, the rice fields of intense green to golden yellow color present. Here you can watch the local farmers at work, the working of the soil traditionally by hand with cows / oxen and using physical force. Or water-soaked rice fields present themselves as a huge aquarium. Exposing the small rice plants piece by piece by hand is also very impressive. With a little luck you can watch the rice harvest, with luck, even at night under a full moon – a very special experience.

This cozy authentic log cabin is not for the "normal" tourists, but for people, the search for the other side of Bali, the hidden, with a dazzling tropical nature and amiable locals, far away from mass tourism a la Kuta.

Do you like to help, transportation by car to and from the airport in Denpasar (such as. 45 Euro) to organize with English speaking driver or a driver for day trips by car. Our local driver finds the way down right to the cabin in the mountains, otherwise pick up from the meeting point is made by our local contact.